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Manufacturing 4.0, The New master of Torino’s polytechnic university

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Manufacturing 4.0, The New master of Torino’s polytechnic university

Manufacturing 4.0, The New master of Torino’s polytechnic university


Project Manager, Technical Leader, Technician Systems Engineer and Technical Coordinator in Industry 4.0: these are the professions of the future, which companies are requesting for manufacturing 4.0.

To introduce the enabling technologies in the new manufacturing processes, technical and managerial skills are needed and the new Master in High Apprenticeship of the Polytechnic of Turin in Manufacturing 4.0 was designed precisely to meet this need in the manufacturing world, in close collaboration with the Avio Aero companies. Comau, Inpeco, Magneti Marelli, Prima Industrie, SKF and Petronas, partners in this innovative training program.

The aim of the Master course, taught entirely in English, is to train young and motivated graduates in Engineering, in order to prepare a new generation of high-level specialists in the field of industrial production systems of the future.

The Polytechnic University of Turin will present for the Master's application for funding on the Piedmont Region announcement "Apprenticeship of Higher Education and Research 2016 - 2018", which foresees the experimentation of new forms of job placement, with the assumption of the participants with a contract of Apprenticeship of High Formation by the promoter companies, already widely involved in the national Industry 4.0 plan.

"The Master in High Apprenticeship in Manufacturing 4.0 is the natural evolution of the Master in Industrial Automation carried out in partnership with Comau and Prima Industrie" commented Luca Iuliano, scientific reference of the Master. "From the outset the idea of its activation has found the enthusiasm of the companies that support the initiative thanks to the possibility of forming a new generation of specialists able to dominate the manufacturing technologies of the future".